Simoebic Dysentery

By Joe Flores

Joe Flores
Mac OSX 10.5, 1 GHz+, 512 MB RAM, ~50 MB

Somewhere in the third world, an unfortunate tourist drinks the water and a brave amoeba gets a shot a life… You are the amoeba, happily going about your business of parasitism inside some unfortunate fellow’s body, floating through the blood stream, looking for nutrients, avoiding phages and antibiotics, and trying to (literally) divide and conquer. Like any organism, you are in a constant search for food, looking for the energy to spawn new generations and survive the pressures of natural selection. There are only a few obstacles standing between you and survival: you “host’s” immune system response, and your own puzzle solving ability! Can you get from one organ to another and still have enough energy to reproduce? Is it safer to lyse cells and make your own route or float through the blood stream and risk being sighted by white blood cells?




July 17, 2010

uDevGames 2011

Convergence — Best Gameplay
Kung Fu Killforce — Best Overall Game, Best Audio, Best Presentation
Flying Sweeden — Best Graphics, Most Original
Time Goat — Best Story