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Newbie Programmer Questions/Feedback - mag709 - Apr 23, 2012 06:00 PM


I have an idea for a game related app.

I have programmed in COBOL and RPG on the AS400 and some PHP, HTML so this will be a learning experience for sure.

I have bought a MAC Mini, and downloaded XCODE 4 and plan to learn as I program my APP.

I have some books on the XCODE 4 and Obective C and have some tutorials bookmarked.

I was wondering where I should start.

Are there any free samples or scripts similar to the PHP Scripts found on the internet?

Can I use Interface Builder to layout all my artwork and style of my APP?

Does anyone know of any tutorials to help me as I start my process?

Are there any paid or open source toolkits that would help me get started with IOS Game Programming

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



RE: Newbie Programmer Questions/Feedback - MattDiamond - Apr 25, 2012 07:41 AM

I googled "ios game tutorial" and got a bunch of promising links. Some are for programming it from scratch, some are for toolkits like Cocos2D. I see one for a solitaire game, a sliding puzzle game, and others. One website lists 10 open sourced iOS games (may or may not have tutorials.) And that's just on the first page of search results.

I'd proceed on a dual track. First get the hang of Xcode and building basic Cocoa applications. But as quickly as you can go through a tutorial or two for games that are similar to yours.

Interface Builder can be used for iOS apps, but I suspect most games don't use it much. Instead I think they use a OpenGL screen and design a custom interface using textures or sprites. But follow the lead of your chosen game tutorial(s).

(Unfortunately I can't recommend any of these tutorials personally as I've been using Unity for my iOS development. Unity "Basic" is free, so its not a bad way to get started writing a game, but the module for publishing to iOS is not free.)