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Empire's of myth Tohlem huge medieval rpg need help. - Matthew_john - May 10, 2012 04:09 AM

Here i am again probably going to be criticized well i don't care what your mean words going to do but i am here now i am busy with a huge Rpg fantasy game called Empire's Of Myth: Tohlem and i need a dedicated team even if it is around the world i have skype but anyway. heres the GDD

Empires of Myth: Tohlem V1.0

You start off as a outcast of myth an orphan family killed in a village fire when the hero was a little boy till this day the hero has set on a journey to find and kill The red raven marauders first they were a small band of murderers and thieves now they are the high kings brother Seveth’s favourite many years ago there were two baby boys born King Athlemar and King Seveth they hated each other. Till they day came when the kingdom split into two so king Seveth made a plan he took over the west side of Tohlem and now they keep waging war against each other. So you have one main quest to kill The Red Raven marauders and avenge your families death and bring peace to this burdened land.

Role playinSkills:[color=#FF0000]g game/fantasy

Melee combat
Heavy armour
Obsidian strike
Born killer
Master crafter
Master baker
Novice crafter
Novice baker
Soul cleanser
Warrior with in
Master of disguise
Klide student
Skull basher
On target

Not a clue
Not to hard I bruise
Time to die
Born killer




Dark Elf

Game style:

This is a new game style i came up with called motor it is a new style locomotion but you can hide under rocks hide in trees or break of tree branched for your own use.

Target Market:

To those who want to see what it was like in the medieval days through blood and tears to victory to defeat this game is targeting those hardcore fantasy gamers who are in it to win it i targeted this niche so i can show them how real their game-play can be.


i get asked this by friends and family and fellow forum'ers


How are you going to make this a success with one guy which is you.


Well i am trying to get a team together but its been rough i am designing the world called Tohlem at the moment but hoping for some help soon


Why the idea of good king bad king.


It will teach moral values like nothing good happens to bad people but to good people all light and flowers blossem and many smiles there fore bad people have an attitude and no remorse on what they do.


I have seen you have gone through many stages of the world why so.


Well I'm doing trial and error i feel this land i am busy with now is the one but hope all goes well.

Core Game-Play:

the core game play is going to be mostly freedom of choice in other words you will kill a troll and later on you will stumble apon a pack of trolls a dialog will show saying "you killed so and so you will pay for the death"but that will only happen later if you are a higher level. and there will be recruitment barracks all over Tohlem so you will pay money to go fight in the war small war come back get paid if you die you re-spawn from your last save and there will be rejected mercenary's that will offer there biding to help you in this war against the red raven marauders and the evil king Seventh so this is a huge game also a huge world to explore.

Unity vs UDK:

Unity- is easy and organized very nice for indie games but graphics are good but not that good you get alot of tutorials on it has alot of bugs like the moving file failed thing what is that!!!. Good thing it uses C# and java.

UDK- very unorganized good for big games like elder scrolls Skyrim graphics are good,fantastic but need a whole new pc to run it and needs unreal script for scripting whole new language for me comes with models and alot of textures so i have heard and you cant import blender models in it you need 3dmax.

My skills:

Are C# and good world designing.

Engine: Unity 3.5
Company: Necromire Studios
CEO: Matthew Roodt
Goal: To give the eye something to get stuck too

I need in my team:

3D artist/designer
Scripter- java,c++,C#
partical artist
Cinematic programmer
Concept artist
world designer

i am busy studying C# so i will help out with the scripting

Contact me:

or pm me