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"Matt has a great work ethic, he provided bespoke high quality music and sound effects that matched our specification perfectly, and delivered them well ahead of our deadlines" - Thomas Gullen, Director Scirra Ltd.

Hi all, I'm Matt Oglesby - Composer & Sound Designer @ My studio provides high quality, original music and sound effects to game developers, film makers, artists, and other musicians. My rates are suitable for Indie developers and I love to get involved with Indie teams.

As well as custom audio, my studio has recently launched a royalty free music store, so game developers can purchase quality music to use in their games at a low price!

Some of my latest projects include Hungry Duck (iOS title music & SFX), (Construct 2 music & SFX), 'Seasons Pairs' (iOS title SFX). A larger portfolio of my music and SFX can be found on my website.

Given my experience I try to be as competitive as possible, so feel free to contact me any time at via my website [], OR twitter - @MJOMusic with any queries. I'm very eager to work on any genre of project - I don't bite and I'm open to negotiation!

Thanks for taking your time to read through my post,