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Want programmer for sound based app - carbonic - Jun 19, 2012 09:33 PM

I'm looking for a programmer, preferably one familiar with music theory who can work with me to make an app that plays notes and records songs with a couple special effects in a more efficient and guided manner than a keyboard. I have most of the artwork already done
Things that would need programming would be
-basic button pressing
-drop-down menu
-triggered animation of a shockwave
-varying opacity over time
-switching of systems of pitches (as in, you start on C for a major scale, but then someone moves to D as the starting note making it a Dmajor scale)
-switching musical modes (as in scales, which would include a switch in button position and amount as well as the formula for notes, such as going from a C Major scale to an F minor Blues scale)
-ability to play chords or multiple notes at once
-ability for a user to record notes played on their device, store the recorded notes on their device for future use, load it, and play it as well as a user being able to play along with a loaded song they made

If your interested, contact me at