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Freelance Composer Looking For Projects - biko - Jul 15, 2012 05:18 AM

Hey guys

My name's Shannon and I'm a freelance composer looking for some work, so I'm interested in collaborating with you guys on projects you may be working on.

A bit about myself
I'm currently studying music composition at university, I've self released two albums in the past and have been composing for many years now. I predominantly compose electronic music but I'm capable of writing in most styles.
You can check out samples of my work here:
This is some material from the current project I'm working on, a first-person shooter zombie game:

I created this track to audition for a post-apocalyptic style game that ultimately didn't end up getting used:

And this is some of my own solo work from an album I released in 2010:

Hope you enjoy my work and I look forward to hearing some potential projects from you!


*I must hesitate that I do not work for free. Prices are negotiable depending on length/number of tracks and the developer's budget.