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Artist looking for coder (partnership) - indeyetz - Aug 6, 2012 05:26 PM

I am freelance game artist and animator from Ukraine and I am in game industry since 2008. Since that time I've create a lot of work for my clients from different countries.
Now I am going to build successful IOS game and looking for experienced coder. The game genre will be physical puzzle with jelly bodies physics.At the moment I have some sketches of how gameplay will look and have great idea about art implementation.
I am going to spend 10-20 hours per week for this project during a few next months. My plan is to build a demo with 3 levels and then find a publisher (like Chillingo)Wink to minimize financial risks . I propose 50% stake from future revenue.
Who exactly am I finding? I need experienced IOS coder (especially with experience of working with jelly physics) who takes pride on his work and have a patience to polish details. Also if you have experience in game design it will be big plus. Please no beginners. Sorry, but I had bad experience.
[Image: ScreenHunter_05%20Aug.%2007%2003.11.jpg]
[Image: ScreenHunter_04%20Aug.%2007%2003.11.jpg]
[Image: ScreenHunter_03%20Aug.%2007%2003.11.jpg]
[Image: ScreenHunter_02%20Aug.%2007%2003.11.jpg]

[Image: ScreenHunter_06%20Aug.%2007%2003.20.jpg]
[Image: ScreenHunter_07%20Aug.%2007%2003.22.jpg]
office characters animation -Flash player is needed

Thank you.