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flashlight's lighting effects for ios game project - nguyennhutbinh - Aug 27, 2012 06:29 PM

I'm making a 2D game project: characters move between the map in four directions: left, right, up and down (like Sir Lamorak's Quest). This game character is equipped with a flashlight to kill the bad guys. Initially the entire game map will be loaded a black matte background to darker surroundings when necessary. I am having a bit difficult to implement the logic for this character:
- Implementation of the light emitted by this flashlight: I do not know whether to use 2D images or partical emitter system is reasonable (I bad in creating the partical emitter).
- If you use a fixed 2D images when light collides with the wall it passes through the wall => true light effects.
- How to lighten dark areas when light shines through?
- I do not have the ability to create the partical emitter.
This is a demo image of the 2D character:
I desperately needed the help at this time. Looking forward to receiving feedback from you.
[Image: 20120827182709zppU____my.sprite.png]