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360iDev Game Jam - 2012 - funkboy - Aug 30, 2012 01:29 PM

Local time in Denver, CO, USA: Tuesday, Sept 11, 8pm - 9am
UTC: Wednesday, Sept 12, 02:00 - 15:00

I'll be attending the 360iDev conference in Denver - anybody else on the boards attending?

And whether or not you're attending, you can enter a game in the contest yourself, or work on one together with me.

The rules are:
* wait until the game theme is announced on Tuesday evening
* once the theme is announced, come up with an idea for a game, then get to coding, making art, etc.

My entry last year:
(I still have not put it on the app store... though I probably should)

If you're interested in working together on a game - whether artist, programmer, sound, or something else - let me know! We can setup a github account in advance to ensure we can all push files properly, and then just go once we come up with a game idea.

RE: 360iDev Game Jam - 2012 - Skorche - Aug 30, 2012 02:33 PM

Hmm. Very enticing. I've been sort of itching to do another game jam actually.