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Composer offering free work - Genf - Sep 14, 2012 11:46 AM

Hi! I'm new here, so I guess I'd better start by introducing myself Smile
I'm an 18 years old guy with an enormous love for music, who's been composing music for RPGs for well over a year.
I find composing for a game a difficult and yet amusing and rewarding task. It's a lot different from just writing a song for a band or yourself, because you're not writing from your own perspective or interpreting your feelings. You are translating the emotions of a character or a scene into music.
So, I'm here to offer my humble services to anyone who wants custom music in his/her game, being it only one track or a full soundtrack.

Here are a few examples of my composing style:

Dreamlike strings on a simple piano accompaniment.

Twisted, pain filled chords.

Through the sands of time
Piece for two acoustic guitars written as background music for a trip in the unmerciful sun of the desert.

Oriental sounding song based on the Japanese "Insen" and "Iwato" scales.

Red Rose
Piano ballad written for a romantic scene. Slight undertone of sadness.

Catchy piece written as a theme for a jolly little town.