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Sliding Puzzle Game - Suggessions - murad357 - Nov 4, 2012 02:16 AM


I am very new to the iPhone game development world and going through the cocos2D book as well some other online tutorial to get some grip Smile
I would like to make the classic puzzle game (numbers, not picture) with option to choose from 3x3 or 4x4 or 5x5 etc.

Example: 3x3 grid
3 | 2 | 4
E | 1 | 6
5 | 7 | 8

(E stands for empty)

While touching one number (or cell) would go up/down/left/right. And at the end of the (when the puzzle is solved), display a message.

I would like to know what would be the best way to proceed? If some one could give me some idea; like where to start and which model should I use (like title map maybe), do I need cocos2D for this?

Thank you in advance.

RE: Sliding Puzzle Game - Suggessions - sparx13 - Dec 7, 2012 09:30 PM

Hi, I develop games for ios and I love your idea. I would suggest maybe gamesalad if your new to iphone dev. Its very simple.

RE: Sliding Puzzle Game - Suggessions - Mathemanic - Dec 19, 2012 02:36 AM

I recently released my first game that involves sliding tiles. I built this using the excellent Sparrow Framework ( ). It very easy to get started, and the tutorial that accompanies the framework is exactly what you'll need for your game.

RE: Sliding Puzzle Game - Suggessions - speed208 - Jan 11, 2013 02:38 AM

Is it compatible on iPhone 5?????

RE: Sliding Puzzle Game - Suggessions - JustinFic - Jan 11, 2013 11:36 AM

Whatever framework you decide to use (any of them would be suitable for a sliding puzzle) your first step will be getting a tile drawn on the screen, then being able to draw one that moves, then drawing a bunch of them.

As for how to represent it, I would just use a two-dimensional C array.

Edit: Oops, this thread is months old. My bad ;p Advice still applies though if you're still stuck.