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Latest projects: MechMarine, Planet 5, BravoSprites, Mudtrek - mercy^4 - Dec 8, 2012 07:46 PM

Thought I'd post some info just for fun on some of my recent game-related dev projects:

Sci-fi 2D RPG/platformer
This has been in development for a while although I haven't given up hope entirely of finishing it. It was being built in parallel with BravoSprites

Game Engine / Framework
BravoSprites is a game engine for OS X. It has an OpenGL sprite engine, OpenAL sound, Chipmunks physics, etc. Another demo video below (also from MechMarine).

More info: BravoSprites

Planet 5
Sci-fi RPG
This is using the new BravoSprites engine which is being re-written in C and targeted for x-plat development. There's not a whole lot up yet but there is a dev blog for it here:
Planet 5 Dev Blog
A rough WIP map of the game world:
[Image: tumblr_maw08aBBX91rhbtl4o1_1280.jpg]

MUD/MOO Client
MUD client in the works, almost done and expected to be released soon, possibly as open source. Mudtrek - Mac MUD Client
[Image: mudtreklogo.png]

Game Development Tool
IDE for beginner game developers. Currently still in development, although the basic features are up and running (scripting, scenes, objects, etc.). In its early stages. Anyone interested can check here in the future for updates: Forge - Mac Game Creator
[Image: forge_logo.png]

Older Stuff
Older games mini games:
Other small games
Mega Brickbash 3000, published in 2009-ish: Mega Brickbash 3000

Thanks for checking it out