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Hi guys, working on a multiplayer games editor at the moment. Just made the beta of the map editor component public and would love to get feedback on the project.

Here's a video of the workflow:

It's still very much work in progress, with a UI, character and virtual items editor in the works, so you can join your maps directly from your own game interface and sell your own virtual goods, however you can give it a try here.

WebGL Editor:
Game Client:
*Currently the Android and WebGL versions support the More Games feature to join the map you're making.

RE: - Create & Play Multiplayer Games - NikG - Jan 2, 2013 12:55 AM

That's quite interesting!
I assume everything works off of a private server?

RE: - Create & Play Multiplayer Games - cairo - Jan 2, 2013 01:02 AM

Hey, thanks for checking it out! Yeah, it's just running on EC2.

Need to sort out a privacy policy to explain we don't claim ownership of anyone's files, and some export options.

I'd really love to make a RTS game out of it next, if you have any requests for different game templates you'd like to re-skin, let me know.