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Torque 2D MIT Announced - SethWillits - Jan 2, 2013 01:27 PM

First there was Torque Game Engine, and then there was the original Torque 2D. (I used T2D to create a few simple games like MUT 20XX.) Then Torque 2D was renamed to "Torque Game Builder". Then the iPhone came out and it was forked and then there was iTorque (for iOS) and Torque 2D again. A few years ago, GarageGames started working on an all-new complete rewrite of T2D using Box2D physics, fancy networking, and a bunch of other cool things I can't remember.

Meanwhile the company went nearly bankrupt, was bought multiple times, changed directions a bunch, products were started and cancelled, sold and released for free.... very confusing.

Anyway, great news… Torque 2D is now going to be free and open sourced (just like Torque 3D which was announced some months ago). GG is merging iTorque and the in-development-all-new Torque 2D together to create Torque 2D MIT, and will be giving it out for free. Wooo!

Why do I care and why might you care? Instead of, say, using cocos2d for Mac/iPhone only, or using Unity for 2D, you now have the option of using T2D on iOS, PC, and Mac (with likely Android and Linux support coming after the open source release), for free with 100% source code. There's a big T2D community already, and I imagine it'll grow by a whole lot more once this thing is released. It's certainly something to watch out for.