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RE: uDevGames 2013 - SethWillits - May 28, 2013 09:48 AM

Plans changed. There were numerable people "committed" to the iDGGDCWAAINTMAG jam, but nobody actually participated. Bummed me out. That and other things.

Because of the low interest in uDG 2011 (particularly from the news/public side), if I spend time on anything, right now I'm more interested in spending it on content, not a big contest.

Evan's recent questions have pointed out how much of a hole there is for someone wanting to do things "the Mac way", and there's even a lot of room for doing xplat development from scratch on the Mac.

So if someone known, responsible, and trustworthy wants to step up and do the leg work, that's not a problem. I'll get a 2013 site working and it can go on no problem, but I'm working like a mad man on Querious 2 trying to ship it soon and I justifying the time for a contest few people are really enthused about isn't exciting to me at the moment. I'd love for it to be more popular, but as has been discussed before, I think it needs a rethink for that to happen.