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AngryTroglodyte is hiring UI artists - FlamingHairball - Mar 11, 2013 07:17 PM


Name's Lincoln Green, captain of yon ship AngryTroglodyte ( Having found meself in a bit o' high water as o' late, I elected t'recruit a worthy seaman to design th' interfaces we need.

Are ye a worthy pirate? We can offer you a fair coin if ye are:
1. Educated, able t' use yer words. (good communication - i.e not this post)
2. Quick t'the ropes (responsive)
3. 'ave salt in your veins (game-specific UI design experience, with kickass examples to demonstrate)

If ye meet the above like a key in a treasure chest, then send a message in a bottle t' contact@angrytroglodyte with yer' past bounties and a note of introduction.