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Seeking 2D Cel Shaded Animator / Artist ~$50 - $500 - Kapz - May 23, 2013 12:03 PM

I have a set of 2D Cel-shaded characters for an upcoming game that I need animated. Here is an example of the type and quality of work we need:

Sample Character - Ice Demon
Here is the animation look we need:

Sample Animation - Jump + Attack

For some reason the quality on that image is a bit degraded, but the quality of the animation needs to match the quality of the character in the first link.

We pay $50 for the attacking animation which (as is shown in the second link) involves a character moving to a location, attacking, then moving back. Not all characters will jump as this one does and the swinging will need to look different for each character as well.

Prices are negotiable. If you're a rare talent we will pay more.

The reason the title has such a wide price range is because we pay $50 for the move / attack animation and that will be the minimum the job requires. If you're good and are easy to work with we have hundreds of dollars of animations we need.

We pay ~$20 for simplex animations. The move / attack animation is a compound animation and that is why we pay more for it.

Please also peruse our style guide to get a better idea for the type of art style you will be required to duplicate.

Finally, the format we need the animations delivered in is single frame PNG files at a size of 250x250.

If you're interested please email us at with a link to your qualifications (which should include work that matches what we're looking for) and we will message you if we are interested.