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A game about programming needs feedback :) - sqdejan - Jun 9, 2013 11:17 AM

Hey mates,

I have had this idea for a game for a long time: a game that should serve as a tutorial for programming. This should be instead of reading a tutorial somewhere.
So I finally found the time and I have implemented an early prototype of the game Smile. It could therefore be nice if you would play the game and give some feedback(via the game) so I could know how and where I should continue. Smile

My overall goal is to have this game on a website together with other informations about how to start to programme - and of course all this will be free so everybody has the chance. Smile

NB! The game has been created for 960x600 so make sure your browser is at least the size!

the game can be played on

Thanks in advance mates!