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Hey noob developer here - TheGTS - Jul 11, 2013 08:55 AM

Hey, guys I'm a new developer who will release my first mobile game withing a few weeks on iOS/Android . I'm looking for constructive criticism , input and any sort of feedback would be helpful. Also looking forward to being a member of this forum. I'm hoping to make this a career if everything goes well.

The game is a mix of a tower defense/shoot'em up style. It will be addicting and arcade like. I'll be releasing a lite version and a paid version which will just be $0.99. No micro-transactions in the game, weapons/upgrades will be free in the paid version. I'll have some pictures up soon.

I'm also interested in working and helping other developers by reviewing your games and giving my honest feedback.

RE: Hey noob developer here - Cassyblanca - Jul 11, 2013 09:11 AM

If you're looking for feedback of any sort on your project, you need to give us more to work with than simply saying what it "will be" (which raises an alarm, by the way -- "will be" and "is" are two very different things). Screenshots, gameplay videos, possibly demos, etc. all go a long way to giving us an effective means of offering suggestions and the like.

That said, welcome to the community! I'd been away from iDG for a while, but the people here are intelligent and experienced in game development in general, on top of their iOS/OS X-related experience, so I can guarantee that if your goal is to possibly make a career out of mobile development, the people here will be able to help you toward that goal.

RE: Hey noob developer here - TheGTS - Mar 28, 2014 10:23 AM

Sorry for the late post. I do have pictures, trailer and game play clip. I will post them very soon.

RE: Hey noob developer here - luke71933 - Mar 28, 2014 03:21 PM

Can you tell me how did you get the knowledge to program a game and what api and language did you use, I only have some knowledge in java and nothing else but I would like to become an ios game developer and my future job would be something along those lines but I would still make ios apps because it is fun to play your own games and earning revenue and money from it too.


RE: Hey noob developer here - TheGTS - May 14, 2014 05:23 PM

Well here it is guys and gals.

ExtremeWBF, is a classic shoot’em up game where you have to set forts to defend yourself from incoming enemies which includes werewolves,aliens and even zombies!

How to set Forts: While in Build Fort mode as soon as the game starts, you have to set your forts before the 10 seconds are up. You can choose different forts by pressing left/right arrow on the forts. Enemies only come from the top of the screen, It's best to line up all the forts together, spacing them out.

Control: You move the player around the stage with the Joystick that's on the bottom left corner of the screen. You attack with the A button on the bottom right side. You can select power ups on the bottom right side once you have obtain them, by pressing left/right arrow.

6 Stages
50 Battles of addicting non stop action.
Defend yourself with forts.
Extreme Mode after 50 battles have been completed.
Weapons,power ups and upgrades.( Premium Version)

[Image: 56509d1400113017-free-game-extreme-water...8x568.jpeg]

[Image: 56510d1400113029-free-game-extreme-water...8x568.jpeg]

[Image: 56511d1400113065-free-game-extreme-water...8x568.jpeg]

[Image: 56512d1400113085-free-game-extreme-water...8x568.jpeg]