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Interactive Installation Help!! - djdski - Jul 1, 2009 03:14 AM

Hey all!,

I'm studying a Masters in Design Studies and need to make a 'virtual Supermarket' Interactive Installation for the final project. I want it to be very basic (black and white, not much detail), but three dimensional isles which the user walks down selecting goods for the shopping basket. When they select a good it is actually the sound of that particular good they are adding to the basket. When they pass through the checkout all the sounds compile to create a small piece of music.

This is the intention anyway but I don't know how to go about creating something like this!

Can anybody recommend a suitable program for making simple three dimensional isles bearing in mind I have no game development experience, and a program which allows you to import external sounds?

Any response is greatly appreciated!!

Interactive Installation Help!! - mikey - Jul 3, 2009 01:49 AM

Blender would do the 3D Interactive bit (It compiles .apps), and I think it does sounds too. The scripting is like drag and drop blocks.