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Multiplayer, social and cross platform API - Yespapa - Aug 14, 2013 02:43 AM

I'm pleased to present you Nuggeta, an Multiplayer, Social and Cross Platform solution in one Toolkit.
We make 3 games with Nuggeta and it's really easy and intuitive to use!!

With Nuggeta you go to be able to include in your games effortless the following social and multi-player crossplatform features :

• Social network integration
• Turn based games
• Saving game state
• Game assets management
• Powerful built in nuggeta query language to query your game data over Big Data system.
• Saving game ghost for replay
• Disconnected sync games
• Cloud data
• Anonymous game session
• Achievements
• Leaderboards
• Items
• Zero server needed games
• Server game loop for full control
• Game model editor
• Real time analytics
• Player administration
• Complete documentation with snippet in all supported languages
• Video Tutorials via tryhe NuggetaTV YouTube channel.

NuggetaTM is available for now on Unity, IOS, Android, HTML5, Flash and C# and counting .

NuggetaTM provides you a development toolkit including builtin and customizables features.

NuggetaTM includes a module of real time analytics so that you can understand, follow and analyze the behavior of your players' community.

Welcome in Nuggeta World