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Browser MMORPG editor - MihaelaEpuran - Sep 6, 2013 01:46 AM

Hello guys,

I would like to talk about our little project today and get a few opinions about it.

We're a small team consisting of 4 people and we developed a browser game editor, Gameleon, that helps you create a game,without writing any line of code. Everything is visual, the platform is multiplayer and multiplatform by default and it works on almost any internet browser.

I have to mention that Gameleon is free, open source, and it will remain this way.
What we're trying to do is gather a community that will use the editor so that we can fix and develop future aspects, and later, will populate the asset market.

Right now we have a live beta editor that you can try out anytime, but it's not a complete version cause we're still working on implementing all the features on it.
Gameleon supports Top Down and Isometric view right now, but we are currently developing a 3D engine too.
[Image: qcdr.jpg]

You can find tutorials,features, videos on our website.

We're glad to announce that Microsoft BizSpark PLus has offered to integrate our editor on their server and gave us an amazing package of developers tools,software,support and training to build apps and scale our business.Not only that, BizSpark offers technology to get us in the cloud and free access to Windows Stores and free promotion to the global BizSpark community.

Hope you have an awesome day!

RE: Browser MMORPG editor - MihaelaEpuran - Sep 6, 2013 06:55 AM

Hi, it's me again

I wanted to update you with our latest tutorial : How to create quests using Gameleon.

You can find the video over here :
We will also add a written guide of how to do it by Monday.

We will soon have video tutorials for achievements, bag and loot editor too.

RE: Browser MMORPG editor - MihaelaEpuran - Sep 16, 2013 02:06 AM

Hi guys,

We have released a new video tutorial about How to create Achievements using Gameleon
Check it out! Grin