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Rafael Langoni Smith - Game Music Composer - Rafael Langoni Smith - Oct 1, 2013 12:42 PM

Hello all,

My name is Rafael Langoni Smith, and I am an experienced young composer of game music looking for exciting, new projects as means to expand my network. You can hear my folio at!

I'm also forming a small music team of supervised newcomers to take lower-budget projects. The team is in for the experience!

Education I have a Master's Degree in Music Composition, and took supplementary soundtrack courses in Los Angeles and Rio de Janeiro. I've played the piano for the past twenty years (well, since I was five!)

Equipment I own my own studio, running Logic Pro and terabytes of libraries.

Compensation According to project size and very negotiable.

How to contact me PM;

Thanks a lot for viewing and for your patronage! Criticism is also welcome regarding the tracks and the workings of the site.