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game development using directx/cryengine - codetoeternity - Oct 9, 2013 08:49 AM

hello dear people. i plan to develop a game. replicating jetpack joyride. i wanna use c++ as primary language. i think i have two options. 1 is directx and other is cryengine (correct me if there are other c++ options) . at current i dont have knowledge of either directx or cryengine. so first i'll be learning whichever i'll choose. i wanna know, which one is better choice for a career in game programming? i also wanna have an idea if i will be able to complete the learning and development in 7months (with full attention).

RE: game development using directx/cryengine - SethWillits - Oct 9, 2013 02:05 PM

hello dear codetoeternity.

You have far more options than just DirectX and CryEngine.

DirectX will limit you to Windows only which is pretty pointless. By using OpenGL and other cross-platform technologies and libraries, you'll be able to relatively easily rebuild your game for Linux, OS X, Android, iPhone, etc.

If you literally worked on it every day, all day long, 7 months seems reasonable to me to build the core game, but it depends completely on how well you adapt. You should fully expect to not be done in 7 months, but it's not impossible. Game programming is a lot harder than you think it is when you're at such a low level. Whatever language, tool, and technologies you use, start out with a simple game, and then build up from there. Rome was not built in a day… or seven months.

Also: these forums are specifically for Mac and iOS (or cross-platform) game development, so this isn't a good place to ask about Windows-only topics like DirectX. Also also: use your shift key.

RE: game development using directx/cryengine - codetoeternity - Oct 10, 2013 06:34 AM

thanks for the guidance Smile and btw i use the shift key for brackets etc Rasp lol just kidding. i am planning to build a simple game.