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Rhythm Game - Testers Needed - HipHopBerserker - Oct 11, 2013 02:06 PM

I would like some feedback on a rhythm game my team has just created:

Hip Hop Berserker Official Gameplay Trailer


Fight as Saro, a young Hip Hop Berserker, who along with the help of his magical-beat producing goblin, Carter, go on an adventure to save the goddess Hip Hop from the evil wizard, Hu Man Duong.


-Swipe & Tap to the rhythm with complete control of Saro
-3 Difficulties
-20 Levels
-Slow down time and watch the blood fly in Berserker Mode
-Score Multiplier/Power Upgrades
-Awesome music by Hip Hop producer Kyo Itachi
-Funny story cutscenes
-Game Center: See who is the ULTIMATE Berserker


We are looking for beta testers for different iOS devices. Please sign up on TestFlight by following this link:

Or email @ for more information.

I'm happy to answer any questions, provide more information/screenshots/videos as we get closer to release. Also, you can follow us to keep up to date. Thanks!!

E.A. Gray
FourTwoThree Studios