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Need Music/Sound for your iOS games? - level-up-audio - Oct 25, 2013 08:50 AM

Hello there! My name is Andrew Kim, and I am a Toronto-based music composer and sound designer for games and other media. I am always looking for new projects to work on, and was wondering if any developers in here needed Music/Sound for their current/upcoming game projects? I specialize in full orchestral, historical, ethnic/world, electronic, rock, as well as a variety of other genres. I have music/sound credits on 9 game titles so far. I am able to meet tight deadlines, and I can work on a 24/7 schedule, remotely from my home studio, or on-site.

You can check out my music composition demo reel here at my website:

Thanks for your time, and take care! - Andrew Kim, 647 465 4958