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Chupamobile Competition 2013 for Mobile Dev - EloDev - Dec 16, 2013 10:05 AM


Upload now on and participate to the 2013 Chupamobile App Developer Competition the app source code projects of the year, submit yours now! You can win $45000
Go on the website and submit one of your app,

How to join the Competition? Choose, submit, win! Pick up your best project, that amazing app idea in which you have put all your creativity and developing skills! Remember that you may create any kind of mobile application or component for iOS or Android platforms. After this hard part of the work is done, just submit your app source code to our marketplace using competition2013 as one of the tags and, once our review team would have approved your entry, you will be in the run for the prizes! Could it be easier?

An extra $500 cash prize to one who will share the news on his Twitter or Facebook and you’ll automatically enter the Social Special Prize. Every tweet and Facebook share means a new chance to win, so don’t wait until tomorrow to spread the word of Chupamobile, do it now!