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Music / Synch Licensing ..etc - DeWolfe Music - Jun 24, 2009 07:29 AM

Hi All,

In all honesty I became a member of this forum with the hopes of creating new relationships with up and coming developers/creatives.

DeWolfe Music is a 100 year old music publisher with a library of over 70,000 tracks and growing. So of course i would love to work with anyone in need of great music.

I am not a developer by any means (sound engineer yes, developer ...nope Smile )

But I would like to contribute to the site in some way, so if you have any questions about licensing music, inside negotiation information, or anything related to music, please feel free to contact me or post your questions here and i will happily offer you what I know based on my experiences (10 years in the business)


For listen go to (all generes/moods)

Best of luck!