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INOCHI PROJECT | Playable Demo! | FEEDBACK WANTED - dayman - Apr 15, 2014 05:00 AM

[Image: 2u73w2p.jpg]

Hey everyone! We have a brand new indie game that we'd love for you all to check out! It's called Inochi Project it's an online game in which you can create and customise your own Ani-Mech character. We're really excited about this project and just wanted to get the word out!
Within our Alpha demo we currently have a character customisation screen which allows you to create and customise your very own Ani-Mech. We also have a physics based training area in which you can build and customise your own tracks and courses for your own leveling needs. It also features a turn base battle with a roulette of six battles in which you use predefined mechs to defeat your opponent.

[Image: 11ufgj4.jpg]

[Image: 9rlslg.jpg]

[Image: ruuy6u.jpg]

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