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Programmers and Mappers for UDK/C/C++ - Schnuupi - Jun 12, 2014 03:34 AM

We are a team of Writers, Artists, Sound Producers and Musicians. So far we have a story line being built. Artwork for the game being produced and now we need an experienced programmer or mapper who knows UDK to produce a map, a demonstration map which we will use for showcasing what our game is to look like.

And if possible for the person to stay on for the whole game.

The game is an Action RPG closely similar to the style of Dark Souls, our own story and ideas. It will be about the player defeating bosses, and making their way to the center of an abandoned city. It will be third person with mainly melee fighting style. It will use magic also.

If there's anyone who is interested and thinks they can help shape our game then let me know at