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Water Tower Classic - ThemsAllTook - Dec 13, 2014 09:12 PM


For the last few months, I've been working on updating a game I released long ago, called Water Tower. It was written for the uDevGame 2003 contest run by iDevGames. The game didn't win any prizes in the competition, but it earned 7th place ranking out of 43 entries in the gameplay category, and I was proud of what I had created.

The original game was written for PowerPC Macs, using the QuickDraw API. QuickDraw is now obsolete, and Water Tower is unable to run on modern operating systems. I wanted to play the game again, so I ported it to a modern cross-platform framework, replacing the QuickDraw graphics layer with OpenGL. The game was reborn as Water Tower Classic.

I've learned a lot in the 11 years since I wrote Water Tower. Although there are many things I'd like to have changed about how the game works, I decided to leave it mostly intact, making only the updates necessary to modernize it enough to be playable. This is a warts-and-all rerelease, so keep your expectations low... I'd recommend turning off the music since it's pretty terrible. Some of the later intermediate/advanced levels are unreasonably hard, but all are possible to complete.

[Image: watertowerclassic_1.png]

Test builds obsolete; see bottom of post for full release
I'd like to get some final bug/compatibility testing before I officially release the remake. System requirements are very low; as long as your computer isn't prehistoric, it should be able to run OK. Here are test builds for desktop operating systems:

Mac OS X:
Windows (32-bit):
Windows (64-bit):
Linux (32-bit):
Linux (64-bit):

[Image: watertowerclassic_2.png]

If you can try the game, please let me know if it runs OK. Much appreciated!

Edit: Added screenshots
Edit: Game has been released! Download it here:

RE: Water Tower Classic - SethWillits - Dec 14, 2014 02:47 PM

Woo! Water Tower!

RE: Water Tower Classic - ThemsAllTook - Dec 14, 2014 05:36 PM

Testing went well, so the game has been officially released! Find it on the front page of Thanks to everyone who tried it!

RE: Water Tower Classic - MattDiamond - Dec 15, 2014 04:48 AM


RE: Water Tower Classic - funkboy - Dec 15, 2014 09:39 AM

I played the heck out of this game! Glad to see it come back to life.