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Out of Brakes [iOS][Android] - litebox - Aug 5, 2015 05:00 AM

Hi, I'm exited to introduce my upcoming game Out of Brakes.

«Driving without brakes is dangerous».

* Custom made vehicles and their unique drivers.
* Endless highway.
* Voxel artwork.
* Free to play.
* Physically-based destructible objects and vehicles.

Facebook Page

RE: Out of Brakes [iOS][Android] - litebox - Sep 18, 2015 02:33 AM

Hi all, I have new screenshots of Out of Brakes:
[Image: screenshot_01.jpg]
[Image: screenshot_03.jpg]

RE: Out of Brakes [iOS][Android] - litebox - Nov 17, 2015 02:15 AM

Out of Brakes is released in App Store and Google Play and available for free download!

App Store:
Google Play:

[Image: release_banner-png.162332]

RE: Out of Brakes [iOS][Android] - Nognificke - Nov 27, 2015 04:12 AM

I think idea of that kind of game is great. Cartoon characters, colorful graphic and more make whole game kids-friendly. Great stuff!

RE: Out of Brakes [iOS][Android] - litebox - Nov 27, 2015 08:27 AM

Thanks, Nognificke!

RE: Out of Brakes [iOS][Android] - litebox - Jan 21, 2016 07:52 AM

Out of Brakes has a winter theme now!
• New vehicles: Snowmobile, Bobsled, Moon Buggy, Driverless Car, Old-Timey Carriage
• New environment - New Year
• Bug fixes and performance improvements
[Image: bobsleigh-1200x800-png.170332]

RE: Out of Brakes [iOS][Android] - myke37 - Mar 22, 2016 01:52 AM

Very good game, I like it !