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Can I make my game using only UIKit? - bogdanJoca - Aug 13, 2015 06:36 AM

Hy I have two years of experience in iOS development, i published one simple app on AppStore till now but my life long dream is making games, but I dont see my self as experienced developer so I have some question about can I finish this game using only UIKit.

This is my first project which I paused and planning to go back to in couple of months, the reason I pause was because I wasnt sure if my knowledge is enough to finish this game and if using only UIKit. The video I put up there is only a part of the game, and it worked fine on iOS simulator (at the time I didnt have the licence to test on devices). I plan to put couple more feature in game: 6 + 6 crew members and point and click part of game, my image are but simple UIImage object and I am using few view controller to set up different part of the game. So my question is, can UIKit handle that much of movable objects, what about memory and frame rate issues, is it smarter for this project to use Sprite kit or Cocos2d, or other suggestions. - this link is what I was planing to add to the game, I did it in one day in SpriteKit but I didnt like the code at all

This project is a year old, so I do have much more experience and I even tryed Sprite kit, but found that it was much easier to do this with UIKit personaly.

I am very much appreciated for any help whatsoever.


Game has no physichs at all

RE: Can I make my game using only UIKit? - AnotherJake - Aug 13, 2015 06:52 PM

It looks like you have a pretty good start on things.

The performance of the simulator is not representative of the performance on the actual devices.

UIKit is not designed for what we call "realtime graphics" for games, so it is not a good choice for that. I don't use it for that. Nobody I know uses it for that. It's just not a good idea for games, generally speaking.

Yes, something like Cocos2D or SpriteKit make more sense. There are commercial game engines out there to explore as well, such as Corona and Unity. The most powerful and flexible, but arguably most complex solution is OpenGL.

RE: Can I make my game using only UIKit? - bogdanJoca - Aug 16, 2015 07:22 AM

Hy, thanks for the answer, i was hoping to continue with UIKit but for safety reasons Ive choosed Unity, I had this topic on stackoverflow two and few people told me that i could finish the game using only UIKit, but i think they havent understood to what level was I planning to build game to. I just hope I can learn basic of Unity in at least two month, if anyone here is good with unity2d and can suggest where to start, i find myself as a more than beginner programmer, I am still a student at programing engineer school, i get the hang of objective c and swift, and i did some c, python and html/css programing. So I was planning to skip learning C# as a language, only learn basic syntax and more learn about Unity as program, is that a good start?

RE: Can I make my game using only UIKit? - AnotherJake - Aug 16, 2015 07:42 AM

Sounds like a reasonable approach. Your best source for advice on C# with Unity is going to be at the forums on their website.