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Symbotica for iPad - BeyondCloister - Jun 30, 2010 08:20 AM

Well here I go again, another attempt to post about my work in progress for my iPad game.

Hopefully I'm connected to the correct version of iDevGames this time!

Here are a couple of screen shots for the latest build of the iPad version of my old fashioned real world physical card game Symbotica.

The artwork is temporary as I am currently awaiting the real stuff to arrive from my graphic artist. Once I have the final graphics I hope to submit to the app store within the next couple of weeks.

[Image: Screenshot%202010.06.30%2016.14.53.png]

[Image: Screenshot%202010.06.30%2016.15.19.png]

[Image: Screenshot%202010.06.30%2016.15.23.png]

[Image: Screenshot%202010.06.30%2016.16.16.png]

Symbotica for iPad - BeyondCloister - Jul 3, 2010 05:30 PM

My final artwork has started to arrive. Here are a couple of screen shots with the new graphics.

I expect to get the remaining graphics over the next few days. During that time I also intended going into the studio to get sound tracks recorded.

Note: The text colour has not yet been changed to contrast with the new backgrounds.

[Image: Screenshot%202010.07.04%2001.22.29.png]

[Image: Screenshot%202010.07.04%2001.23.35.png]

[Image: Screenshot%202010.07.04%2001.24.17.png]

RE: Symbotica for iPad - BeyondCloister - Jul 7, 2010 10:38 AM

Has now been submitted to the App Store.

RE: Symbotica for iPad - BeyondCloister - Jul 14, 2010 10:12 AM

The game got rejected due to it not being playable in landscape mode.
So any hints on getting an OpenGL ES view to rotate and map touches correctly would be greatly appreciated.

RE: Symbotica for iPad - AnotherJake - Jul 14, 2010 02:04 PM

Previously, I worked really hard to get the "auto-rotate" animation to look nice and native on the old iPhone, and then Apple changed the SDK yet one more bloody time and I totally gave up. Now all I do is simply wrap the entire scene in glRotate to match the orientation, but I don't bother with any rotation effects.

Another thing I do is I have the scene so that 0,0 is always at the center of the screen (as opposed to being 0,0 in the lower left-hand corner or something). That way it is much easier to do object placement for different sized screens and orientations -- at least as far as I've been able to come up with. It also helps for translating touch coordinates.

For the touch coordinates, I always convert them to what I call "gameSpace" coordinates as I receive them. It's pretty simple to swap x and y for touch coordinates and flip y if necessary.

One thing that I do when trying to figure out touch coordinates and making sure they're lined up with the orientation and make sense, is I make a habit of printf-ing them out to make sure they aren't whacky. Guessing or assuming the coordinates are correct can cost a lot of time.

Finally, dealing with multiple orientations, at least from my experience, can be an extreme pain in the butt and can really bloat the code. I don't know of any easy way around it though.

Best of luck with Symbotica by the way. Smile

RE: Symbotica for iPad - BeyondCloister - Jul 18, 2010 03:35 AM

After much searching around the internet (Google is all very well just as long as you know what to search for!) and playing around with my code I've finally got the rotation working.

When I have some time I intend to write up exactly what I did to resolve it to help anyone else who runs into the same problems as I did. I'm not sure if my solution is the official way of doing but it works so that is all that concerns me for now.

However I must add that just as I thought I had got it all working fine and tested in the simulator it started failing on the actual device seemingly randomly. It was then I realised that it was going wrong when the device was flat. The simulator has no option to put the device into UIDeviceOrientationFaceUp or UIDeviceOrientationFaceDown positions.

So back to the drawing board to get the flat mode working.

RE: Symbotica for iPad - BeyondCloister - Jul 18, 2010 04:57 AM

The FaceUp and FaceDown issue has been solved.

Symbotica has now been sent back to Apple for approval.

RE: Symbotica for iPad - BeyondCloister - Jul 27, 2010 10:16 AM

Symbotica has been approved so my rotation hack must work Smile

Just waiting for the 'within 24 hours' to pass and then you can all rush out and buy it!

RE: Symbotica for iPad - BeyondCloister - Jul 27, 2010 12:27 PM

The waiting is over.

It is now live in the store and here is the link:
Symbotica for iPad

I will be posting an announcement in the relevant thread at some point soon.

RE: Symbotica for iPad - AnotherJake - Jul 27, 2010 12:49 PM

Congratulations man, best of luck with the sales! Grin

RE: Symbotica for iPad - BeyondCloister - Aug 3, 2010 04:29 PM

Tonight I started work on what will become either Symbotica 1.1 or 2.0.

First new feature is a multi player mode - human vs. human (or cat!) on the same device.

I'm happy to say that my original game model design worked well. It only took the adding of a Player class and a minor change to the 'cards in hand' handling to allow me to play a two player game.

Lots of tweaks to be made though to handle the extra players for things like checking if any moves are possible.

Then I need to get back to my excellent graphics artist for some new buttons and then back to Apple approval phase.

In addition to the multiplayer mode I have several new game modes and enhancements planned so lots of nice free updates for those who have bought/will buy the game.

RE: Symbotica for iPad - BeyondCloister - Aug 18, 2010 02:00 AM

Multiplayer on the device has now been added and is with my beta testers prior to App Store submission.

RE: Symbotica for iPad - BeyondCloister - Aug 29, 2010 03:01 PM

A last minute series of 'undocumented features' were discovered and required some behind the scenes redesign.
The good news is that the redesign has been done and is now being tested.

RE: Symbotica for iPad - BeyondCloister - Sep 13, 2010 02:10 PM

Symbotica 1.2 is now in the hands of the approval gods.

Someone reported a strange issue of the played cards disappearing when the device was rotated.

After some investigation I managed to reproduce it - a problem caused by the cards being moved to the last touched position when the screen itself was touched during rotation.

What amazes is me is that this was never seen during all the testing. Several people who had never even used an iPad before tried it but this is the only case so far where someone is actually holding the device by the screen instead of the frame during rotation.

Just goes to show that no matter how much testing you do there are still users out there with the ability to break your app by doing the unexpected.

RE: Symbotica for iPad - BeyondCloister - Dec 23, 2010 03:38 PM

A graphics designer friend of mine did them