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Particle Editor with SDK for your Games - mad_rain - Apr 16, 2009 10:00 AM

Hi All.

I would like to announce latest version of Pyro Particle Editor. No more nags and trials! Supports iPhone and Mac!

Some features:
  • FREE for first title!
  • Advanced and powerful editor
  • Easy to use SDK
  • Sample emitters
  • Demos for (with source code)
    • OpenGL ES (iPhone, static libraries are included)
    • OpenGL (Mac)
    • OpenGL (Windows)
    • Direct3D 8
    • Direct3D 9
    • PTK
    • Playground
    • HGE
    • PopCap Framework
  • Stable release (more than 4 years of development and testing!)
  • Easy integration with any graphics engine you use!

[Image: pyro-scr1-small.jpg]

Here are some projects that were done using Pyro:
  • Tibet Quest (GameXzone & Fenomen Games)
  • Ashley Jones: The Heart Of Egypt (Fenomen Games)
  • El Dorado Quest (GameXzone & Fenomen Games)
  • Cradle of Persia (Awem Studios)
  • Cradle of Rome (Awem Studios)
  • Star Defender 2-3-4 (Awem Studios)
  • Brix Quest (Fenomen Games)
  • Alien Stars (Awem Studios)
  • Blade Master (Awem Studios)

Latest version:

Home page: Pyro Particle Editor

Sorry, but editor requires Windows.