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Help a Noob - Dim3 - Dallas - Feb 2, 2009 06:58 PM

Hey all, I am not really much of a programer type (I am a film maker), but have been playing around with dim3 for the last week. I am not sure where to post this, or where to look for answers since it appears the dim3 forum was deleted (So if the thread gets moved, please let me know where it goes!). I have bunch of noob like questions.

First is, I have have looked everywhere I can think of but cant fine the code for the menus. I can find the graphics, but not the code. All I want to do right now is have the menu send players to my map rather then the demo map.

Help a Noob - Dim3 - igame3d - Feb 2, 2009 11:06 PM

Can't help you with your dim 3 questions but I can point you to the Dim 3 forums

They should be able to help.

Help a Noob - Dim3 - Dallas - Feb 3, 2009 09:51 AM

Oh wow, fantastic! That will help a tun thanks!

Note: in that case, the sticky at the top of this page for Dim3 seems to be out of date: