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iPhone/iPod Touch Audio Info - musicbender - Apr 3, 2010 03:37 PM

I couldn't find this information anywhere else on the webternet so I hope an audio person can throw me a bone. I'm a newb composer/sound designer starting my adventure on iPhone game audio. What basic information (especially hardware specifics) do I need to know about iPhone audio when mastering/mixing? For instance:

1. What frequecies do iPhone speakers pick up on? Is bass/low-mids (60-250Hz and 250Hz-2kHz) even supported on the speakers?

2. How are the speaker audio attributes different than if the player is using head phones?

3. Should I bother with stereo? Or are the speakers mono like many mobile phones?

4. Should I even bother with panning when I'm mixing?

5. What else should I know?

I know these are questions for audio experts, so I hope there are some out there with some brilliant suggestions. Who knows, this might be an information thread for everyone. Thanks! Wink

Pat Jacobs

iPhone/iPod Touch Audio Info - daveh84 - May 3, 2010 10:31 AM


I don't think these questions necessarily require an audio expert, and I certainly don't consider myself one. However:

1. From what I've heard testing my own sounds out, these devices do not pick up on low-mid sounds very well at all.

2. The built-in speaker is a very low quality speaker that is ideal for playing only chirps and ticks.

3. I believe the speaker is mono.

Finally, I think you should design your sound and music with the assumption that the user will be wearing head phones. This is what I've done. You can't cater to the speakers that are built in. Every iPhone and iPod Touch is shipped with a pair of headphones, so maybe put up a message that headphones are recommended for the best experience. With this in mind, panning and stereo positioning certainly would add to the game's experience.

iPhone/iPod Touch Audio Info - musicbender - May 10, 2010 06:29 AM

I never thought about recommending headphones in-game. Great info, thanks!