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Using SOIL on Mac - Talyn - Jan 9, 2009 06:10 PM

Found SOIL recently and have been having issues linking it in for use. The website gives absolutely no procedure for using it. I keep getting the following error:

ld: duplicate symbol _stbi_failure_reason in <Project Path>
..failed with exit code 1

Any suggestions on how I'm supposed to link this? Thanks.

Using SOIL on Mac - Oddity007 - Jan 9, 2009 06:52 PM

Ive been using SOIL for a while, never had your problem but had many others.
SOIL wasn't written very cleanly and has many small issues.
Such being incompatible types and so forth.
For all of them I just went through the source and fixed it up.
If need be I can upload it for you, works for me.

P.S. Make sure your include-to-project checkbox is done for all the files.
[Image: soilincludesjr1.png]