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HTTP header analysis - wadesworld - Jan 4, 2009 01:03 AM

OK, this is totally out of the blue and I realize the chances of someone actually knowing the answer are slim....

I recently saw screenshots of a new application that allowed you to debug HTTP headers/requests, etc. It looked like a very polished OS X application.

I am 99% sure it was not HTTP scoop, but rather, a new entry into the playing field.

I've been googling like crazy, but for the life of me I can't find another application for this purpose.

Has anyone noticed any new applications recently that provide this functionality? If not, I'll chalk it up to fatigue....


HTTP header analysis - sealfin - Jan 4, 2009 03:53 AM

HTTP Client?

HTTP header analysis - TythosEternal - Jan 4, 2009 02:53 PM

There's some good functionality in Firebug (a developer add-on for Firefox) that comes pretty close to what you're looking for. Of course, that's not a native Mac OS app. Are you looking for something that does those features, or are you simply trying to track down the specific program?

HTTP header analysis - wadesworld - Jan 4, 2009 08:22 PM

I just remembered seeing some nice looking screenshots. Still not sure what it was.

But I think I'm going to go with HTTP Scoop - it has outstanding functionality.

Thanks guys.