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System requirements for Audio Programming - nazgulofmordor - Dec 23, 2008 06:40 PM

I am a total rookie in the world of audio programming. I have been a developer for a few years and then became a tester. I have worked in image processing using MATLAB and then in C/C++ to develop a fingerprint recognition system a few years ago. But, since a year I have delved into sound engineering and music production. I want to merge this with my programming knowledge and want to get into audio programming. I am aware of basic signal processing concepts which I used during my image processing days. I have come across a few audio people who religiously hate PCs. Does the audio world strongly believe in MAC? I am thinking of investing in a MAC notebook to start audio programming. Is it the right approach? If so, can anybody suggest the system requirements of a MAC notebook for some solid audio programming where there will be quite a bit of floating point computations and usage of solid graphics? I might also do some BETA testing on specific audio applications. Any thoughts and ideas will be sincerely appreciated.


System requirements for Audio Programming - ThemsAllTook - Dec 23, 2008 07:17 PM

With this sort of task, you'll generally be able to use as much computing power as you can throw at it. That said, without knowing any more specifics, any current-generation Mac will probably be adequate.