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Forum Etiquette: Misc Questions - TythosEternal - Nov 8, 2008 08:26 PM

I'm relatively new here, but I've been reading threads and taking advantage of resources for a while. That being said, now that I'm jumping into things, I have a couple of questions about forum etiquette that I was hoping to find answers for:

1 - Contact: Is it ok to personally contact members with questions that they appear well-qualified to answer? Or is it better to post a thread with the question for a specific person, and let other people contribute instead?

2 - Thread Fidelity: I've noticed that, more often than not, threads revolving around questions for help will provide several solutions. Once the original question-asker has fixed that problem and found another problem, is it discouraged to use the same thread for the second, unrelated question? This seems to happen a lot, but it seems that new questions on new topics should be posted in their own correct section of the forum.

Thanks for your time.

Forum Etiquette: Misc Questions - Zwilnik - Nov 8, 2008 09:44 PM

1 - Unless a forum member asks you specifically to contact them about a question, don't message them directly out of the blue. Always post a question to a thread (after checking through the threads to see if anyone's already asked the same question). Posting your question to the threads doesn't only mean there's more chance someone might have an answer, it also means that someone else can find the answer to the same question when they have it later.

2 - It's less of a hard and fast rule here, but generally it's easier to search for questions and answers if you start a new thread. (also it means the original thread can be used for follow up and improved answers without getting too confusing).