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Free Simple 2D Tree !! - evicubix - Apr 10, 2008 10:17 PM

if you guys need a simple 2D painted tree/shrubs/rocks for your 2D/isometric game,
last time we painted some for another project, but it turns out we probably never gonna use it.
All trees is separate by layers & have it's own masking/transparency so it's pretty easy to drag & drop to other image Rasp

not many of them and it's quite simplified style, but hopefully someone can put it to use,
feel free to use it anywhere you like:

[Image: 041008treetbnp7.jpg]

just a quick doodle using the trees (so we don't have to repaint each tree every time):

[Image: 041008poppintreetbwe2.jpg]

so in case you need it, here is the PSD file (zipped),
(it's a 2048 x 802 PSD file, quite big for a tree Rasp, 2 MB zipped file),

i upload it on several free hosting:




Free Simple 2D Tree !! - Carlos Camacho - May 29, 2008 09:35 AM

Very nice work.

Free Simple 2D Tree !! - AndyKorth - May 29, 2008 02:21 PM

Yeah! Looks good, evicubix! If you don't mind, can I include it in the iDevGames Asset Library thing? I'm not sure what the license guidelines are, but now it seems to contain a lot of things under the idevgames license (in short: use in games for the mac and give credit), or public domain, and I think some GPL or CC items.

Carlos might be able to comment better on license issues.

Free Simple 2D Tree !! - Skorche - May 29, 2008 03:03 PM

Temporary mirror on my dreamhost account for those who don't want to brave the free download sites: