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3D Graphics Engine Recommendation - wyrmmage - Mar 5, 2008 07:55 PM

Hello again everyone Smile
I'm sorry if this question has been asked before, but I did a general search and didn't find anything relevant, so here goes Rasp
I've started work on a new game project, and although I had previously been working on my own graphics and physics engines, I've decided to just put that code aside for awhile and devote my time to actually working on a playable game; no sense in reinventing the wheel, eh? Wink Well, at least not until it becomes necessary to do so, which I hope will be quite a ways in the future Sneaky

Anyway, I've been looking at various physics engines, and I really like ODE and Newton Physics; this is because they are both completely free (at least, as far as I could tell....if this isn't true, it would be great is someone tells me Smile), and because they look like they are easy to integrate into an application without dictating the style with which the game is programmed. I also looked at Bullet Physics, but its lack of documentation and unstable/incomplete feature set sort of pushed me away from using it Annoyed

I'd like to find a graphics engine that lets me use a separate physics engine like ODE or Newton, and just does graphics. I've been looking at Agar, but it looks a bit outdated, and it only has a few active developers working on it.
Does anyone know of a graphics engine (or library, I suppose) that works on Mac, Windows (and preferably Linux); is free, or requires a small fee once a game starts making profit...we can't pay up front because we don't have any money; and is still in active development (open source would be nice, my thinking being that if the engine turns out to be too slow once we're quite a ways into development, perhaps I could help optimize the engine instead of scrapping it and building my own/switching over to a completely different engine).
Any recommendations? Smile

Thanks in advance,

Sorry, forgot to specify what language I'm using O.o
I'm using a mix of C and C++ for the game.

3D Graphics Engine Recommendation - Man With No Name - Mar 5, 2008 08:38 PM

Ogre and Irrlicht are pretty good, they're written in C++. Also, there is a tutorial on getting Irrlicht and ODE working together in the tutorials section of their website.

3D Graphics Engine Recommendation - wyrmmage - Mar 5, 2008 08:57 PM

thanks for the quick reply Smile
Irrlicht looks like it's exactly what we were looking for...I'll try it out as soon as possible and see how it works.
Thanks again ^_^

3D Graphics Engine Recommendation - TomorrowPlusX - Mar 6, 2008 07:44 AM

Ogre has ODE bindings. I don't think they're part of the main distro, but they're actively developed and can be found in the forums. IIRC, there's even a generic physics binding "OPAL" ( ) which in principle supports different physics engines abstractly in the back end.