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Just another mmorpg post - cmd19872002 - Feb 14, 2008 10:09 PM


Ok i know you guys have 800 thousand posts about mmorpgs, but i would hope mine is a bit different. I have been programming mostly in Basic/vb the last 10 years (on and off) and lately got into flash mx programming (yep v6.0). I have a start of a working mmorpg that i have been working on for around 2 weeks. Heres the link (note, if the page cant be found, then most likely im not awake or i dont have my server running).

yes i know the graphics are pretty crappy (im not a gfx person). Any way im looking to add a new skill (wood chopping) to gather logs from trees by chopping them down with a axe (yep a box with a axe). Im mostly worried about the server side setup for this (vb6 atm). I have been thinking about the easyest way to store each tree for each map and how to make them spawn every x secs. I don't really plan for this game to become of any size, i am mostly doing it for the xp.

Also a side note, i have done some packet editing, cookie spoofing, and a few other networking style programs in vb6. Another thing, i have limited the client to only process game changes via incomming traffic so no "hacking" etc (i dont have checks on the server yet though).

Thanks for any advice you can think of on this matter.


P.S. I have gathered a bit of info from this site so i figured it wouldn't hurt to make a post here about it.

Just another mmorpg post - reubert - Feb 15, 2008 04:28 AM

- your link times out
- Basic/vb? MMORPG?
- wood chopping?
- cookie spoofing?
- vb6?

Umm... this is a Mac game development forum where members generally help those that need help in creating games for the mac platform. Generally if you ask a specific question it will get answered. If you just blurt a bunch of random shit without really asking anything in particular you will get responses like this. WTF did you bother writing this post for? What did you expect the responses would be?


Just another mmorpg post - igame3d - Feb 15, 2008 06:01 AM

Maybe Microsoft can help.

Here's a link to some MMOPRG VB codes

VB6 is a 1998 product, time to move on to .NET.
There's plenty of books for it, you might even find a VB MMOPRG book,
at the very least a C++ for Windows one.

Just another mmorpg post - PatrickA - Feb 15, 2008 10:04 AM

This sounds interesting. Links down right now but I'll check again later.

Just another mmorpg post - cmd19872002 - Feb 15, 2008 07:59 PM

I wasn't online because i was helping a guy in need with his car problems.

Any way, this is NOT linked to windows only machines, Flash very well works on Macs and in Linux. Yes the server is running windows but who really cares.

Basicly I'm asking what would be the easyest way to keep track of say trees cut down and trees not cut down on each map of a game, and a effecient way to spawn them (make them not be cut down any more)? The rest of the "random shit" is a little background info about me / what im working with. Maybe I didn't type it clear enough for you, I'm not very well with wording.

This paragraph is another topic (just so i can try to keep this clearer) To help point what im looking for, should I user a Array based on every tree in the game and make them all spawn at once, or have each one spawn in "x" ammount of time? Or should i make that a part of each map array. Place it in a timer function, etc.

I hope thats clearer, if not then maybe I'm not at the right location for advice. Also microsoft isn't going to give me personal oppions about this kind of topic, i very well know "How" to program, its just in what "Art" i should program it.



@ igame3d

Sorry didn't see your post on my first view, thanks for the links i will look over the source code of them projects and see if they contain anything simalar to what im looking for. Also i know VB6 is very old, I plan to reprogram it with a server side Java program. The java coding i have done is extremely pickey so I have stuck with the older lang. Not that i can't do it (yes i know what google is) but its just im not fluent with it so i dont have to check every line to make sure every letter is caped properly and make sure spacing etc isn't wrong.



I used an array setup array(x)(y)(# of instance)(info about tree 1-5).

I don't know if that is very efficent but it works for now. I had 7 players playing at once and the cpu ussage wasn't over 3-4%.

Next question for the client (flash) What would be the best way to make the player walk upto a tree before they can chop it (right now they just have to click on the tree to cut it down)

A little background info that is related is that im useing a A* (A star) pathfinder. and the tree location on the grid is unwalkable. The only thing i can think of, is to temporary make the tree square walkable and make the player walk all the steps but the last one, then make the tree unwalkable again. I guess that might have just answered my own question, but if any one has better advice I'm open for ideas.

Just another mmorpg post - cmd19872002 - Feb 20, 2008 08:22 PM

Hmm, i guess either i confuse the people here or something. Any way if you want to see any updates / progress on this game, check out the other post i made over here

Comment there since im not going to worry about checking in here any more.

C ya later

Just another mmorpg post - ul suspect - Dec 26, 2008 02:12 AM

Hello I lost this game earlier this year. I am ul suspect with or without the space and I would like to contact you sometime CMD. My email is please add it and talk to me.

Just another mmorpg post - foosh - Jan 19, 2009 04:01 PM

wth is going on here?