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Turning Page Effect with OpenGl - ReSuMa - May 10, 2007 02:56 AM

I need your help plesae
I'm working on OpenGl ,I want to put a book on a table and when I press the mouse on the hard cover page it is opend,,(OR attach the job for a button in the keyboard)
and the same thing when pressing the page inside
the book but as realistic as possible because it is paper!!(I mean it is not hard ).Also the text in the page should be readable.
I turned the cover page (using rotation and timer) , but I found difficulties when I try to open the internal pages becuase I want to turn it realisticly , I have read a lot of articles but nothing useful!Cry
could any one lead me to useful links or simple programs ??

I hope you could help me , I don't know from where should I start!

Just put me on the road please !

Any help greatly appreciated,, Thanks in advance Smile

Turning Page Effect with OpenGl - unknown - May 10, 2007 04:23 AM

Well if you could model a line turning over and curling, just extrude it to make a page. For example heres a diagram of what I mean:
[Image: pagecurlzh3.png]

Is that the kind of thing which you wanted to model?

If so then its probably easiest to use a bezier curve, then you can vary the control points and handles with time and calculate 10 or so vertices along that edge.

Turning Page Effect with OpenGl - kelvin - May 10, 2007 01:44 PM

or, maybe you could use something like chipmunk physics and just calculate a single string/chain and then extrude.

Turning Page Effect with OpenGl - ReSuMa - May 12, 2007 05:57 AM

Thanks very much I'll read about the two ways..