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glGenTextures() dies from EXC_BAD_ACCES? O.o - wyrmmage - Apr 7, 2007 01:29 PM

Hey everyone...sorry to ask a question that's probably going to have a really obvious answer, but I haven't been able to solve this problem in the last couple of days, so, here goes:
I have some code that I'm porting from Windows to Mac OS X, and my texture class is having problems...especially the glGenTextures() function. On windows, I have a variable called m_uiTexID that is of type 'unsigned int'. I then call glGenTextures(1, &m_uiTexID), which works fine. When I try to compile the exact same code on the mac, it wont compile, because glGenTextures() is supposed to take a GLuint* as the second argument; I changed my m_uiTexID variable to type GLuint, but then my program dies half-way through loading the first texture and returns a EXC_BAD_ACCESS. The debugger says that it is the glGenTextures() code. I've also tried casting the unsigned int into a GLuint, but I had the same problem (although it did compile, at least).
So, here's the code:
First the texture.hpp:

#include <fstream>   // The include file for file input/output.
#include <stdio.h>
#if defined(__APPLE_CC__)
#include <OpenGL/gl.h>
#include <OpenGL/glu.h>
#import <windows.h>        // Header File For Windows
#import <gl\gl.h>            // Header File For The OpenGL32 Library
#import <gl\glu.h>            // Header File For The GLu32 Library

#include <png.h>


#if defined(__APPLE_CC__)
class texture
class __declspec(dllexport) texture

    //unsigned int m_uiTexID;
    GLuint m_uiTexID;


    int imageWidth;
    int imageHeight;

    void loadPNG(const char* fileName);
    GLuint GetID();


and then the texture.cpp:
#include "texture.hpp"

    imageWidth = 0;
    imageHeight = 0;

void texture::loadPNG(const char* fileName)
void *data;

    //#if defined(__APPLE_CC__)
FILE *PNG_file = fopen(fileName, "rb");
    if (PNG_file == NULL)
        fprintf(stderr, "Can't open PNG file %s\n", fileName);
    GLubyte PNG_header[PNG_HEADER_SIZE];
    fread(PNG_header, 1, PNG_HEADER_SIZE, PNG_file);
    if (png_sig_cmp(PNG_header, 0, PNG_HEADER_SIZE) != 0)
        fprintf(stderr, "%s is not a PNG file\n", fileName);
    png_structp PNG_reader
        = png_create_read_struct(PNG_LIBPNG_VER_STRING, NULL, NULL, NULL);
    if (PNG_reader == NULL)
        fprintf(stderr, "Can't start reading PNG file %s\n", fileName);

    png_infop PNG_info = png_create_info_struct(PNG_reader);
    if (PNG_info == NULL)
        fprintf(stderr, "Can't get info for PNG file %s\n", fileName);
        png_destroy_read_struct(&PNG_reader, NULL, NULL);

    png_infop PNG_end_info = png_create_info_struct(PNG_reader);
    if (PNG_end_info == NULL)
        fprintf(stderr, "Can't get end info for PNG file %s\n", fileName);
        png_destroy_read_struct(&PNG_reader, &PNG_info, NULL);
    if (setjmp(png_jmpbuf(PNG_reader)))
        fprintf(stderr, "Can't load PNG file %s\n", fileName);
        png_destroy_read_struct(&PNG_reader, &PNG_info, &PNG_end_info);
    png_init_io(PNG_reader, PNG_file);
    png_set_sig_bytes(PNG_reader, PNG_HEADER_SIZE);
    png_read_info(PNG_reader, PNG_info);
    png_uint_32 width, height;
    width = png_get_image_width(PNG_reader, PNG_info);
    height = png_get_image_height(PNG_reader, PNG_info);
    png_uint_32 bit_depth, color_type;
    bit_depth = png_get_bit_depth(PNG_reader, PNG_info);
    color_type = png_get_color_type(PNG_reader, PNG_info);
    if (color_type == PNG_COLOR_TYPE_PALETTE)
    if (color_type == PNG_COLOR_TYPE_GRAY && bit_depth < 8)
    if (color_type == PNG_COLOR_TYPE_GRAY || color_type == PNG_COLOR_TYPE_GRAY_ALPHA)
    if (png_get_valid(PNG_reader, PNG_info, PNG_INFO_tRNS))
    png_set_filler(PNG_reader, 0xff, PNG_FILLER_AFTER);
    if (bit_depth == 16)
    png_read_update_info(PNG_reader, PNG_info);
    png_byte* PNG_image_buffer = (png_byte*)malloc(4 * width * height);
    png_byte** PNG_rows = (png_byte**)malloc(height * sizeof(png_byte*));
    unsigned int row;
    for (row = 0; row < height; ++row)
        PNG_rows[height - 1 - row] = PNG_image_buffer + (row * 4 * width);
    png_read_image(PNG_reader, PNG_rows);
    png_destroy_read_struct(&PNG_reader, &PNG_info, &PNG_end_info);
    imageWidth = width;
    imageHeight = height;
    data = PNG_image_buffer;
// Generate one texture and let m_uiTexID be our handle to it
    //glGenTextures(1, &m_uiTexID);
    glGenTextures(1, &m_uiTexID);
    // Here we set up the filtering.
    glBindTexture(GL_TEXTURE_2D, m_uiTexID);
    glPixelStorei(GL_UNPACK_ALIGNMENT, 1);

    // and here we feed our width, height and pixels to OpenGL
    gluBuild2DMipmaps(GL_TEXTURE_2D, GL_RGBA, imageWidth, imageHeight, GL_RGBA, GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE, data);

// This will give you the texture's ID
GLuint texture::GetID()
return m_uiTexID;

If anyone could tell me how to fix this problem, that would be great Smile
Also: why is it that my function GetID() that's supposed to return a GLuint works fine if I have m_uiTexID set as an unsigned int, but glGenTextures doesn't?
Thanks ^_^

glGenTextures() dies from EXC_BAD_ACCES? O.o - akb825 - Apr 7, 2007 01:46 PM

I think the most likely cause would be if you're calling your loadPNG method before you load your OpenGL context. If that's the case, OpenGL will cause your program to crash if you call any OpenGL function. The fix is simple: put your calls to loadPNG after you create the context. (or, if you're using multiple threads, you need to have it in the same thread as you have the OpenGL context)

glGenTextures() dies from EXC_BAD_ACCES? O.o - wyrmmage - Apr 7, 2007 02:03 PM

ah, thank you! that was the problem, and easily fixed, too Smile (although now it's not displaying any of my textures...)
If you are making textures, annd initializing your window using GLUT, where do you enable BLENDING?
Thanks for the help Smile

glGenTextures() dies from EXC_BAD_ACCES? O.o - akb825 - Apr 7, 2007 03:52 PM

You generally have a setup function that you call between initializing the OpenGL context and you begin your rendering loop where you initialize all of you settings, including blending.

glGenTextures() dies from EXC_BAD_ACCES? O.o - wyrmmage - Apr 7, 2007 04:13 PM

I *sort of* did that, but I must've placed the call in the wrong place because it's still not working ;(
Here's the code below:
#include <stdlib.h>

#include <GLUT/glut.h>
#include "dll.hpp"
#include "CoreServices/CoreServices.h"

clientDLL* theGame;
AbsoluteTime theTime;
AbsoluteTime previousTime;
int  numOfFrames;
int elapsedTime;

using namespace std;

void display(void)
previousTime = UpTime();
elapsedTime = elapsedTime + (AbsoluteToDuration(previousTime) - AbsoluteToDuration(theTime));
//cout << "elapsedTime: " << elapsedTime << "\n";
if(elapsedTime >= 1000)
cout << "FPS: " << numOfFrames << "\n";
numOfFrames = 0;
elapsedTime = 0;

theTime = UpTime();
numOfFrames = numOfFrames + 1;
    glClear(GL_COLOR_BUFFER_BIT | GL_DEPTH_BUFFER_BIT);    // Clear The Screen And The Depth Buffer
    glLoadIdentity();                    // Reset The View

void reshape(int width, int height)
    glViewport(0, 0, width, height);

void idle(void)

void initialize()
    glEnable(GL_BLEND);        // Turn Blending On

int main(int argc, char** argv)
numOfFrames = 0;
elapsedTime = 0;
    glutInit(&argc, argv);
    glutInitDisplayMode(GLUT_RGBA | GLUT_DOUBLE | GLUT_DEPTH);
    glutInitWindowSize(640, 480);
    theGame = new clientDLL;
    return EXIT_SUCCESS;
Thanks for the help,

glGenTextures() dies from EXC_BAD_ACCES? O.o - akb825 - Apr 7, 2007 04:23 PM

It looks like it's in the right place. You may want to check and make sure that you're handling the texturing correctly.

BTW, just a little advice: if you're only to the point of trying to get texturing working, you may want to change your title from "MMORPG" to something more like "Pong". Wink

glGenTextures() dies from EXC_BAD_ACCES? O.o - wyrmmage - Apr 7, 2007 04:48 PM

good point LOL I already did make pong, though, just not on the Mac Rasp This game has multiplayer capabilities, and a program that I built to run on a server to handle it, though, so it's at least going to be muliplayer (I hope) XD

Oh, and texturing works fine on Windows Sad

glGenTextures() dies from EXC_BAD_ACCES? O.o - akb825 - Apr 7, 2007 05:45 PM

You might want to show more code, such as where you draw the texture.

BTW, I noticed that in all of your error handling cases when loading the PNG, you don't return from the function. (which basically means you'll catch an error, close the file and free the memory, then continue as if nothing happened)

glGenTextures() dies from EXC_BAD_ACCES? O.o - wyrmmage - Apr 7, 2007 07:23 PM

looks like GLUT doesn't provide default matrix modes of perspective calculations >.< Copying and pasting this section of code from my Windows program did the trick... Smile
glViewport(0,0,width,height);                        // Reset The Current Viewport
    windowMaxX = width;
    windowMaxY = height;

    glMatrixMode(GL_PROJECTION);                        // Select The Projection Matrix
    glLoadIdentity();                                    // Reset The Projection Matrix

    // Calculate The Aspect Ratio Of The Window

    glMatrixMode(GL_MODELVIEW);                            // Select The Modelview Matrix
    glLoadIdentity();                                    // Reset The Modelview Matrix

Thanks for the help, man; you solved two or three of my problems ^_^