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Game comments - Najdorf - Dec 21, 2006 06:20 PM

Ok, so I played through all games i could find here are some comments:

The game i liked most was blocks away, great idea, a lot of fun trying to figure out the way to "solve" it.

Second best IMO was I hate clowns

A Tack was quite fun, if not very 3d

Megapixel had some pretty cool effects and gameplay was fine.

Last hope was interesting.

Bocce and curling were relatively polished but suffered from being too static (a flaw of the games, not of the programmers)

Space invaders lagged too much

The oasis game seemed to have some cool stuff going on but made no sense to me.

A few games didn't open, some ran just too bad.

My game kenny is incomplete and isn't much fun either.

Most entries as of 22 december 01 GMT do not have a working link

Must say as of now I'm not too impressed on the overall quality. Let's see if the lastt day brings some surprise.

Game comments - bronxbomber92 - Dec 21, 2006 07:55 PM

I hate the clowns was my favorite, i think I missed blocks away, I'll have to take a look at it Smile

Game comments - StarManta - Dec 21, 2006 11:59 PM

I think the stiff competition here is mainly going to be I Hate Clowns and Megapixel (I haven't tried Blocks Away yet - download link was broken when I tried). Botbuilder is up now on the entry form page, and hopefully that's going to be stiff competition too, though I am a little biased ;-) Though I haven't tried many of the entries, the ones that I have tried surprised me quite a bit in terms of quality.

I'm actually glad to hear that you only thought Megapixel's gameplay was only "fine"... maybe the rest of us have a chance? Grin (No offense of course, Yoggy)

Game comments - PowerMacX - Dec 22, 2006 07:51 AM

Najdorf Wrote:Most entries as of 22 december 01 GMT do not have a working link

What I would really like is screenshots in each game thread... Wink

Game comments - Zwilnik - Dec 22, 2006 01:16 PM

I've managed to download and play about 10 of the games so far. Blocks Away stands out as being a really good game, even if it's not got a lot of long term replay value. Curling was a tad unfinished, but looks like it could become a game that would work in Wii Sports 2 Smile Megapixel had a nice Stellar 7 vibe to it, but needs a bit more work on the gameplay.
I liked the idea of A Tack, I'd either increase the fire rate or increase the hit area to make it a bit less frustrating though. (I'd probably also make one of the pens write desparaging comments to try and put you off Wink ).

Game comments - Fishy - Dec 23, 2006 03:14 AM

Wow, a lot more games now. I think I counted 30 with links, a lot more than yesterday. I played megapixle (Maybe a slightly old version, looked great). If I hadn't played it, I would have had time to make my game (Death Vortex 3D) better, but it was fun. It did freeze on me tho. I Tried tiny tanks a long time ago, and my computer couldn't handle it. It just lagged too bad. Maybe its better now.

A screen shots list would be nice. Then you all could see my sweet graphics. (Spheres that blow up!)

I will get some screen shots linked soon.

kenny angers me (Ya, I spent some time playing it)! I killed them all and kept thinking I died on the last small sphere. Tell me, if you kill the last sphere does it do the same thing as if you die? Maybe I actually "won".

Game comments - Yoggy - Dec 23, 2006 11:06 AM

I played all the games. Some that I liked were Blocks Away, Bocce and of course MegaPixel (mine). Blood Rush was ok, Bot Builder and FreedomArena lag horribly on my emac. Parallel Destiny looks nice although it seems like a really simple and boring concept. Death Vortex 3D was sort of fun but I didn't understand it.

Game comments - Najdorf - Dec 23, 2006 11:14 AM

Parallel Destiny was probably the most impressive visually, but had non-existent gameplay, though it shouldn't be too har to change it in a fun game.

Game comments - Casemon - Dec 26, 2006 06:07 AM

PowerMacX Wrote:What I would really like is screenshots in each game thread...

Added a screen shot to the The Late Call entry.

Game comments - BeyondCloister - Dec 27, 2006 04:12 AM

I've added screen shots of my contest build to the entry thread :

I've also added screen shots to my post contest build to my Work In Progress thread :

Game comments - Targos - Jan 6, 2007 12:07 AM

Hey guys,
Well done to everybody who entered this contest, Its been fun trying out a bunch of original content Really really good work, all of you. I'll now proceed to dish out my harshest critcisms...Ninja

Cheers Unity crew for the ProTrialGrin

So My Experiences were:
A Tack: Great simple fun game. It implemented things I couldnt even begin to think how to do. Enjoyed it Thanks.
Al Quada Jones: Funny, Cool idea. Couldnt ID any objectives, and I lost focus quick. A good beta build? Work in Progress?(WIP)
Blocks Away.Prob my third favorite? A goodie indeed. Probably played it many times more than the others..
BloodRush: My second favorite? Great simple idea. Good to see the Dim3 engine In action. Was it hard to make? I think those not using the Unity engine kinda deserve an advantage as it is such a willing tool, and I feel sure it would be hard to find an easier way to make games. Respect to the Programmers.
Bosse Classiche: Enjoyed it definately. Found a sweet spot betwen fun mindless distraction and thought stimulating gameplay. Still figuring out the power and spin controls though. Great work on the splash, though theres alittle too much going on on that page for me, from a design p.o.v. Info overload.
BotBuilder-Sorry But It ran to slow for me to play-I hope theres an easy way to reduce whatever overhead there is Because it seems well thought out, just hindered by bottlenecks. Let me know if you re-release it?
Curling. I like how the powerbar works and the fact that you play the machine. (As in the AI.) Was that complex, building th AI opponent within the game? Kinda needs more surrounding trees or something to build on the virtual reality side of things?
Death Vortex. Well done non-unity entrant. I dont get the 640 modes of play thing though. Maybe a script that randomly selects one of those at runtime, to simulate AI and to simplify the splash screen? I dont follow the gameplay too eagerly, but I imagine doing anything outside of Unity is real hard, so well done.
Expanding Universe. Go Dim3 engine-Though I definately think the visuals are arcade retro. I gave it a go, and got as far as trying to land the xwing on the starship. Got real frustrated at control system. Let me guess:Months of programming for an average result? You would benefit hugley from winning one of these unity licenses, as the shaders are nice. Your programming skill would give mega flexibility in Unity.
Fimo-Not bad, a little generic. Great Interface. didnt like the way aliens shot at me. Not enough pausing.
Freedom Arena:Absolutely Love the music, But it didnt really go fast enough on my computer. Did you make the music Jeff?
Ghost Warder didnt work for me(At all) Maybe dud download?I think I tried twice...
Gnome herder was a laugh, though frustrating gameplay, and not enough time. Nice feel though.
heat shift was pleasingly simple. You should check out the unity car wizard.Nice to drive a straight car vs my jeep.
Hover Puck was ok, though a little sterile. Nice scripting.
I hate clowns won me with its audio. A good effort here for sure. Nicely kinda complete I guess.
Joe Schultz-Nice artwork-very nice. There was no objective achieveable was there? For some reason the walk animation stopped often.
Kenny: Well kenny is ,what Kenny is. We'll never forget kenny. Some good basic scripting here, and a small click_ bang_quit app.
Labyrinth:Yikes, I cant do these in real life let alone virtually. Good enough scripting though. It is complete from what I see..
Last hope: I got to level 2 and was over it. Great music, very origional, nicely complete. You obviously know what your doing.
Lone survivor.Yehaa tied at first. I enjoyed the feeling I was getting somewhere. Got to 9th level I think.
Megapixel.Tied at first also. Really cool Yoggy. I've played it a few times, but never past level 2. and I dig the character at the beginning.
Not Asteroids-Unfortunately the other asteroids games are just as good. But you did this without Unity, So this is a Fantastic achievement. I liked the HUD and everything except the modelling.
Parellel destiny, beautiful graphics, but thats kinda it... Really nice use of shaders. I dont get the gameplay.
Space invaders ran a bit slow for me. Too slow to play
Tiny tanks didnt have the beautiful graphics I like in games, and was real slow framerate. Well done as a non-unitygame though.

Thanks guys, hope this helps somehow. Im sure you all agree my car drives round in circles

Game comments - Macintosh HD - Jan 6, 2007 05:37 AM

Actually writing Expanding Universe was fun, but I had these examinations...
I only had 72 hours to build it... Shame... Anyway, I tried Tiny Tanks, and found the gameplay very addictive. However it runs slowly because Sam didn't really optimize the thing.

Game comments - Joseph Duchesne - Jan 6, 2007 08:07 AM

Targos Wrote:Hey guys,
Not Asteroids-Unfortunately the other asteroids games are just as good. But you did this without Unity, So this is a Fantastic achievement. I liked the HUD and everything except the modelling.

Actually I didn't use Unity, but that's not of much concequence. Actually I suppose it does come across as Unity-ized.
Edit: Er... you're right... my bad. I misread the comment.

Was actually working on a completely different game in Unity with Diordna but it just wasn't going anywhere fast so I made this (poor) asteroids clone just so we would have something.

And I agree, it's rather bad Rasp but with aliens and powerups it could be mildly fun.

Game comments - Shivers - Jan 6, 2007 08:34 AM

Targos said: "But you did this without Unity."

I think you misread, Joseph.

Game comments - funkboy - Jan 6, 2007 12:46 PM

Targos Wrote:Curling. I like how the powerbar works and the fact that you play the machine. (As in the AI.) Was that complex, building th AI opponent within the game? Kinda needs more surrounding trees or something to build on the virtual reality side of things?
The opponent AI is actually the single most basic piece of AI I have ever written for a video game. It's reasoning goes something like this:
"Did the rock land inside the target, where it could score a point? If it did, ok, I'm going to bang it out of there. If not, if it's near the front I'm going to throw it to the side, but if the middle path is all clear, I'll just try to land it in the middle of the bullseye.

I will improve the AI in the future... right now it is a pretty darn difficult opponent though!

I will also be adding to the surroundings, yes - I hope to have both an outdoor rink and an indoor stadium. I'm thinking of giving the whole game a fairly Scottish treatment for the user interface, maybe even some bagpipe music. Is there any Unity cloth code? I'd like waving flags and some tartan plaid cloth waving in the background of the menus.