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3d trees for game - spinner - Oct 24, 2006 04:23 AM

I am looking for some basic tree models for a driving game project for uni. Ideally would come in 3ds format with jpeg textures, but I can probably convert most format pretty easily.

Does anyone know where to get suitable models? Most I find seem to be fairly high quality, high polygon count models, which isn't that useful for my rather basic game.



3d trees for game - aarku - Oct 24, 2006 05:21 AM

I would suggest using lsystem with Blender to generate your own models. I don't think they'll ever look quite as nice as hand made models but you can make them look pretty decent.

Page is in French but you just download the latest .zip, open the scene file in it, and run the script in the view that's open on the side. Then play with parameters until you get something you want.


3d trees for game - aarku - Oct 24, 2006 05:26 AM

And if you're into ditching whatever environment/code base you're working with, check out what they're doing tree-wise with the Unity engine:

Combine that with the start of a racing game that is in the racing game tutorial and you're ready to go, maybe.


3d trees for game - spinner - Oct 24, 2006 04:51 PM

The trees from the unity page look awesome. Sadly, we are not allowed to use shaders.

I am looking for a basic tree in the same kind of light bulb shape. My preference to use a premade model is mainly due to time. At the moment, I am just looking for some doodads to make the scene less bare.

Thanks for the tip about the car tutorial, it looks quite useful.

3d trees for game - aarku - Oct 24, 2006 06:31 PM

Doodads? Totally. Can you share a screenshot of what it's like now? Maybe you could get away with stylized graphics (read low poly) so you can have a bunch of trees combined into one mesh and easily get good performance.

If you take the Blender route, make sure to use the poly reduction script to triangulate the meshes and get them down to 1000-2000 triangles each, I recommend.

I could probably make a mediocore tree for you in a half hour for fun if you can share more what this is about. If you don't already know Blender it's quite a lot of overhead to use the script and finish the process.


3d trees for game - spinner - Oct 25, 2006 06:34 AM

Thanks for your help. Here is the screen cap, there is a lot of extra lines, spheres and other stuff for debugging the collision detection and checkpoints.

[Image: game.png]

Basically it is just two textured planes morphed in Blender, one for the surface of the track and the other for the hills that provide boundaries. I think it needs some trees on some of the ridges to make it look a bit less crap. I want to add in a building ( I have the model) but don't know how it will effect performance, given I am not really doing anything to help render quickly yet.