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music and sound help - amy3000 - Aug 25, 2006 03:21 AM


I write some music and sound effects - Have done piles of short films, and a few plays, and years ago one level for quake.

I was wondering if anyone has anything that needs sound? I'm happy just to do it if I am shown what you've done, and think I can manage it.

I like all types of music - my favorite game soundtrack ever is the soundtrack to quake 1 by trent reznor followed a close second by wipeout 2097.

I have a new mac and an oldish PC so can preview on any platform really, and am happy to write sound to things like story boards or screen shots.

I would like to create some really rocking sounds, have some spare time at the moment, and would love to have a go - to see if I can improve my skills and create something cool in collaboration.

anyone working on any personal projects for pleasure? I am one of those obcessive sound people - i write songs and music and make weird sounds all the time, I don't know why - it's like an obcessive compulsive thing - I love to write sounds for people. Would love to work with someone or a team who is obcessive like me but towards other things - I understand that somepeople share my obcessive tendancies but send them towards things like graphic design, movie making and animation.

oh, and i am a little unpredicatable, and do like contrast / juxtaposition Wink


music and sound help - OneSadCookie - Aug 25, 2006 04:07 AM

Howdy, neighbor!

"Peter & Nic" -- done work for Sidhe by any chance?