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Best Orchestral Sound Library? - taelmx - Jan 25, 2010 03:37 PM

If you've ever done orchestral music for a game, what did you use, and out of those, which one do you think is best? Or rather, what are the advantages vs. disadvantages of them.

For me, I've used Edirol Orchestra, EWQLSO, and EWQLRA.

I thought Edirol was alright for the size, but lacked realism and had too much of a midi patch feel to it. It was definitely better than pure midi though. The smaller file size was a plus too, since I don't have too much HDD space.

I got EWQLSO for Christmas(well, money towards it anyhow), and it's definitely been the best I've used so far, but the library is ridiculously huge! It does have a great sound though, definitely more realistic than most others I've heard.

EWQLRA was great, although technically it is not orchestral, it's definitely a great sample library and has some awesome sounding traditional instruments in it. The size was pretty big, and I had to get an external drive for it, but it was well worth it.

So, the reason I am asking all this, is that I was wondering which one I should get next, and what experience you've had with other orchestral libraries. I am not really looking for a softsynth, but if there is a softsynth out there that does orchestral well, tell me about it!



Best Orchestral Sound Library? - Frank C. - Jan 25, 2010 10:40 PM

I don't do a lot of orchestral stuff but the cut-down VSL instruments that come with Kontakt sound pretty darn good, though more raw than the EW stuff.

If this were a music forum I'm sure a flame war would break out right about now but I think VSL is still considered top of line when it comes to orchestral samples - unfortunately that also shows in the price. If you want a decent set of VSL instruments plus other bread & butter sounds without breaking the bank it's definitely worth checking out Kontakt. I haven't upgraded from Kontakt 3.5 yet, but version 4 has a few more VSL solo strings and a new choir section that looks pretty good.

Best Orchestral Sound Library? - backslash - Jan 26, 2010 01:46 PM

I mostly use Miroslav Philharmonik Orchestra. I haven't yet got a game to the point where it was worth writing music for it (I'm pretty close now though!) but I have a few songs on my website if you want a preview (which gives me a neat excuse to tout for visitors! Sneaky )